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J&K General Administration Department

Central Vigilance Commission

RTI Portal @ GOI

CSR Volume I
CSR Volume II
J&K Civil Service Employees Conduct Rules
J&K Classification, Control and Appeal rules
Medical Attendance Rules
Secretariat Manual
J&K Business rules                                                                       Amendment
Constitution of J&K
APR Rules
J&K Contractual appointment Rules - 2003
Employees Provident Fund Rules
Roshni Act / Rules
New Administrative Units
  SRO 185  
Annexure A Annexure B Annexure C
Annexure D Annexure E Annexure F
Annexure G Annexure H Annexure I
Annexure J Annexure K Annexure L
Annexure M Annexure N Annexure O
Annexure P Annexure Q Annexure R
Annexure S Annexure T Annexure U
Annexure V Annexure W Annexure X
Annexure Y Annexure Z Annexure AA
Annexure BB    
  SRO 190  
Warrant of Precedence
J&K Reservation Act - 2004
J&K Reservation Rules- 2005
JK Backward Classes Act-1997
The Jammu & Kashmir Right to Information Act - 2004
The Jammu & Kashmir Right to Information Act - 2009
The Jammu & Kashmir Right to Information Rules - 2009
J&K Human Rights Act - 1997
Disaster Management Act - 2005
Disaster Management Rules 2007